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Jane Robertson

S. Jane Golding-Robertson

Jane Robertson is the CEO and CFO of Manufacturing Business Development Solutions LLC (dba MBDS LLC). She received her BBA from Ohio University in Management Information Systems and Human Resources Management, followed by completing her Master of Business Administration at the University of Findlay.

Beginning her career as a Computer Programmer at Pilkington North America, she was quickly relocated to Indiana with a key Human Resource role in a manufacturing start-up. Specializing in Training & Development and Pay for Skill, transfers and other career opportunities soon followed.

Jane’s twenty five years of experience in Human Resources ranges in the industries of Glass, Plastics, Rubber, Machining, Banking and Health Care with a focus on what is in the best interest of Associates combined with the best interest of the company. When not working with financials and employee relations, Jane can be found volunteering at St. Michaels, various running events and other activities throughout the community.

In January 2012, Jane was elected as one of five Board Members for Findlay City Schools. She currently resides in Findlay, Ohio with her husband Brian and has two adult children. She can be contacted at or PO Box 1811, Findlay, Ohio 45840.

Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson is the President of MBDS, LLC and has spent thirty years working in manufacturing, with over twenty years working directly within the Japanese supply chain. Brian, along with the MBDS, LLC Associates, are proud to supply products to every Honda, Nissan & Toyota vehicle assembly plant in North America.

Brian's background with manufacturing start-ups in multiple states and countries has been essential to helping MBDS manage growth, while ensuring customer quality and satisfaction. His significant background in materials, products and processes allows MBDS to compete across several product lines.

Brian is originally from the Louisville, KY "Kentuckiana" area and is the youngest of thirteen children. This is where he personally experienced what it was like to face adversity and challenges. With this mindset, Brian brings a “service first” philosophy , as he believes it is his civic responsibility to simply "Give Back".

A journey can never just be professional but anchored by spiritual and personal cornerstones. Brian sees his faith as the foundation of this journey through stewardship. Brian, along his wife Jane, have enjoyed teaching CCD to seventh graders at St. Michael Parish for almost twenty years, and well as serving as a Past-Chair of the Pastoral Council. In an effort to Give Back, Brian founded the Give Back Program 501(c) (3) ~ “Making a difference through touching one American life at a time”. He can be contacted at or PO Box 1811, Findlay, Ohio 45840.

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