Striving for Excellence "One Customer at a Time"

MBDS offers cost effective solutions while partnering to lower your operating cost.

Manufacturing Services

MBDS allows our customers to focus on their core products and new technology while ensuring low cost supply chain integration and quality around non-core operations.

Campus Concepts Solutions

MBDS's current customers and strategic partners understand that location is key. MBDS Campus cost and service will benefit your    bottom-line.

Supply Chain Integration

MBDS knows "Synergy is Key" personlized service with leading supply chain partners allows us to exceed your expectations.

Limitless Opportunities

MBDS is a supply Chain Integration partner meeting the demands of industry while delivering low cost solutions for Manufacturing Services. We provide world class products and services while being dedicated to the greater good of our communities.  MBDS provides the following solutions independently and/or in conjunction with one of our strategic partners which reduces cost through supply chain integration:

Value added manufacturing solutions which lower your cost

Toyota Production System (TPS) approach to lean business initiatives

Cost reduction avenues for assembling imported and/or domestically produced components from "start to sequencing"

MBDS's supply chain integration and "practical know how" provide customers with real solutions to improve their cost competitive position

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